In a low interest rate environment like we have today, it can be frustrating to build serious wealth. At least it seems to be. If you earn 1% in a certificate of deposit at the bank, it will take you 72 years to double your money. If you earn 2%, it will take you 36 years to double your money. There must be a better way!

Do you want to improve your investment results? Are you confused with where the good opportunities are to make money now? Consider investing and start by looking at what the current cycle is.

Cycles are common to us in many ways, whether it's minutes, hours, years, or the four seasons. The economy also moves in cycles and so does the stock market (and, of course, women are very familiar with cycles!).

To determine the most profitable cycles, you have to look forward, instead of in the rear-view mirror. From 2000 – 2010, the broad stock market averages had the worst performing decade ever (that's what I call a lost decade of wealth building), but if you knew what cycle we are in and the strongest trend to grow wealth, you could have been compounding at 17% annually this decade, since 2001. What's been performing so well? The example I gave is the performance of gold, however, we are in the "Commodity Cycle", so most hard assets like agriculture, energy, natural resources, precious metals, and raw land should perform well. Usually cycles continue for 15 – 20 years, so you still have enough time to grow serious wealth.

Investing according to the cycle helps you take advantage of the potential spectacular returns you won't find in the out-of-favor cycle, which are the broader stock market averages where most people are invested!

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