Massive clout potential for contest entrants and a canny route past copyright claims for “Fortnite” developer Epic Games, as Pokimane and Jordan Fisher pitch in. Video game “Fortnite” is teaming up with social media service TikTok with a dance move contest that runs until January 24, 2020. The winner will have their moveset turned into expressive character actions within mobile, console and computer game “Fortnite.” In addition, they’ll receive a batch of in-game currency, worth approximately $250 USD, and a package of physical “Fortnite”-themed merch valued at $400.

To avoid copyright issues, participants can use one of the contest’s 12 provided samples as a backing track, with styles including hip hop, dance, heavy rock and swing. Eligible dances have to last 15 seconds or less, uploaded to Android or iOS app TikTok using an EmoteRoyaleContest hashtag. The contest runs until 11:59 pm PST on January 24, 2020.

With “Fortnite” having been the subject of several lawsuits after musicians and actors objected to their famous dance moves becoming part of the game without agreements or revenue-sharing deals in place, the contest also provides an above-board avenue for new, publicity-friendly emotes to make their way into the multi-million dollar experience.

While “Fortnite” does have a Support-A-Creator revenue sharing scheme attached to its in-game item shop — coupon codes send a 5% cut to the associated Creator — it’s not part of the Emote Royale contest setup.

Instead, the competition winner can expect to receive a bumper “Fortnite” merchandising package that includes hoodies from Neff and Uniqlo, two Jazwares drones, a Nerf foam-propelling toy gun, a Funko figurine, Bitty Boomer wireless speaker, a Trends lithograph poster, block-stacking game Jenga and a pack of PlayStation and Xbox character skins.

Fortnite community content Creators Pokimane and Jordan Fisher backed the contest, with Epic Games making demonstration emotes for them.

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