The last few weeks leading up to your labor and delivery isn’t exactly a smooth ride. The sleepless nights, the back pain, the constant trips to the bathroom.. You’re feeling all sorts of aches and pains that sometimes it gets hard to tell if it’s a part of pregnancy or you’re actually giving birth soon.

The signs and symptoms differ for each mom-to-be, some experience them a month before delivery while others just an hour before they give birth.

Look out for these signs and symptoms that the baby is coming:

You’re either super fatigued or full of energy

In the few weeks or days leading up to delivery, you might feel extra tired (on top of being tired all the time). Between the heaviness, exhaustion and active bladder, it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep. Some may feel like being in bed the whole day, while others experience the opposite – a burst of energy.

There’s the need to clean and organized around the house to make sure that everything is ready once the little one comes. This is called nesting.

Your baby will “descend”

This is called “lightening”, where your baby drops into your pelvis, getting into position to make his exit. This is a sign that labor will start soon and you’ll find yourself having even more bathroom visits to pee and doing even more waddling when you walk.

At least you’ll be able to breathe easier as your little one moves away from your lungs!

You experience diarrhea

Many pregnant women experience diarrhea at different times of their pregnancy but in the short while before you pop, it’s going to come back again! This is because as preparation for birth, the muscles of your uterus begins to relax, and so do the other muscles in the body, including those in your rectum. Don’t forget to remain hydrated!

Your vaginal discharge changes in color and consistency

When your baby is about to come, your vaginal discharge will turn pink and be thicker – this is called the bloody show. You may also lose your mucus plug, the one that seals your uterus.

You’ll feel stronger contractions

During the third trimester, you’ll often feel Braxton Hicks contractions (practice contractions) that it would be hard to tell if the ones you feel are actual labor contractions. If you’re nearing your due date and you feel stronger and more frequent contractions, it might mean you’re in labor or you’ll be in labor soon.

Watch out for these signs and symptoms that you’re giving birth soon!

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