When you're planning on having a baby your main hope is that your newborn will be healthy. Some parents really don't care whether they have a boy or a girl. However, some secretly do wish that they will become the proud parents of a new son or a new daughter. There are a lot of tips floating around that suggest methods that will help you in your quest for a girl or boy. If you have your heart set on conceiving a baby girl, you may want to adjust your diet around the time of conception.

Some of the diet suggestions when it comes to conceiving a baby girl are really delicious and nutritious. Most women who are hoping to conceive have already upped their daily intake of calcium rich foods. If you're hoping for a little girl, you may want to add even more milk, cheese and yogurt to your diet. It's been said that calcium can help if you want a daughter.

Caffeine is a no-no if you have hopes of conceiving a baby girl. This obviously means that you have to trade-in your morning cup of coffee for a mug of the decaffeinated variety. You should also avoid chocolate and colas during the time you might conceive. It's also worth noting that it may be a good habit to permanently adopt especially if you'll be nursing your newborn.

Salt should also be scarce in your menu plans. This means you shouldn't consume any foods loaded with salt and also severely limit the amount of salt you add to your food while cooking or before eating. This can be a hard one to get used to if you're accustomed to salty flavors. However, if you're serious about conceiving a baby girl, it's a very small sacrifice to make.

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