Everyone desires financial freedom, but few will do what is necessary to create it. Why do people want certain things, but they resist taking action to achieve them? What unconscious thought process causes a disconnect between desire and doing what is necessary to fulfill the desire?

The truth is almost anyone who is able to think and/or employed, from ditch-digger to lawyer, doctor and entrepreneur can achieve financial freedom with relatively minimal effort – but surprisingly, almost nobody will. All you need to do is start living specific, proven financial habits early enough with sufficient consistency and the result will be financial freedom with almost total certainty. Anyone can do it, yet studies prove fewer than five percent reach their goal. It’s absolutely amazing.

Do you know the difference between your “backwards” and “forwards” memory?

Would you like to know? This is, in fact, one of the little known methods used by the “highly successful”…

… to create astonishing and seemingly impossible outcomes.

Recall direction is known to be an important determinant of recall performance: For example, accuracy is often greater for forward recall than backward recall, and forward recall typically exhibits extensive primacy but little recency, with the reverse arrangement for backward recall. Although some of the differences between recall directions can be accommodated by models that postulate a single retrieval process, recent evidence appears to favor the existence of 2 distinct retrieval processes, 1 for forward and 1 for backward recall. Five experiments reported were aimed at illuminating these 2 putative processes. Tasks that interfered with the formation of interitem associations at study were found to disrupt forward but not backward recall, whereas tasks that altered the visual-spatial characteristics of the study material affected backward but not forward recall. It was proposed that forward recall is largely based on interitem associations, whereas backward recall relies on a visual-spatial representation of the study material. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA)

Here’s another poignant question:

Do you know how to turn on, tune in and tap into “the still, small voice within,” so that it can guide you toward…

… who you’d truly love to be, and what you truly desire to do, have, and give?

If you’re unsure about your purpose in life, or how to make that purpose transpire, this skill will definitely assist you.

Or what is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary reason? Do you know what it is?

Geniuses like Henry Ford, Walt Disney and Eleanor Roosevelt knew this difference, and it allowed them…

… to do things others said were impossible!

These were the three of the hugely practical methods I’ve learned to propel my dreams forward.

Don’t worry!

You can learn them too. Everyone is born with the ability to excel in the direction of their dreams.

As an internationally recognized authority on bridging Science and Human Potential, I have assisted thousands of people from all walks of life, and from all around the world, to create a life they truly love living.

When you’re ready to learn how to unlock your hidden power within…

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If you decide to miss this life enhancing and expanding opportunity will you be in the same place a year from now-still struggling and achieving less than you deserve? Please give yourself this advantage to transform your life to live your dreams and desires… it is easier than you think.

This researched, time tested, and amazing information will transform your life.

This moment is the first moment of the rest of your life.

Are you willing to take the steps required to claim your happiness, success, fulfillment, and enlightenment? Will you take advantage of the opportunity to create a new reality for your life?

It’s time to SHIFT and get prepared for what’s coming up for your life… so I want you to put your heart and soul into paying close attention to how much mental, emotional and physical pain you are in. Then, step by step you can make the SHIFT gently, easily, and without having to deal with the mental and emotional pain and stress of not knowing what to do, not feeling your best, and all the other OLD WAYS that are holding you back.

Remember you might need to ask for assistance to clear out the self-doubt, fear, guilt, shame or unworthiness.

Here’s to living your dream life NOW.

There is no shame in asking for assistance to create happiness and success. If you have read the books, taken workshops, had psychic readings taken prescriptions and OTC drugs etc. and still struggle; you might have emotional blocks preventing you from moving into your happiness and desires.

This is an investment in your happiness, success, fulfillment, and financial freedom. Following the principles in this process will change your life forever and I want you to experience it yourself as soon as possible. Remember only you can take care of your happiness and emotional, physical and spiritual health.

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