Has your plan to build wealth been hindered because of your debt? Would reducing your debt help you to better focus on building and maintaining your wealth? Most people focus on reducing debt and then building wealth. I will show you how to do both at the same time. Debt reduction is never easy. If it were, everyone would be debt-free. Debt reduction gives you time and money freedom. As a favor to your family, friends and your future, resolve to become debt-free once and for all.

Start with writing down the goal of being free from debt. This critical component often gets overlooked because of its simplicity. Until you write down your goal it is just a dream. The moment you write down your goal it comes alive. Just like a baby you have to feed this goal. The feeding begins with believing that your goal of debt freedom will be reached. I make it a point to verbally state my goals twice a day, in the morning and just before going to bed. This helps fuel my belief system.

While I am sleep I often dream of ways to reach my goals easier than I ever thought before. I awake the next morning rushing to write down what I have just dreamt so I can take full advantage of the situation.

Most people get caught up in not having a plan to reduce their debt. If you do not know how to go about reducing your debt, do not worry about that right now, just decide that you will do what is necessary to get your debt down. Keep this goal in front of you and you will start to attract the people, ideas and resources needed to reach your goal. When I teach people to build wealth through commodity trading; one of the first ideas I introduce them to, is having a goal of making enough profits to pay at least one bill each month. Imagine if you made enough supplemental money to pay one of your bills each month. This frees of money from your paycheck to begin paying down your debt.

Once you have paid off one bill use that same money and apply it towards paying off another bill. While you are paying off your bills increase your goals in your commodity trading by using strategies to pay two, three or four bills each month with your profits.

Now you are paying down debt while increasing your profits through commodity trading. This is where it really gets fun because as you pay down your debt using profits from trading; you can use money from your paycheck that you no longer have to use for bills, to take a vacation or whatever else you want as long as you do not finance it. Make sure you can pay cash for it. This gets you in the habit of paying cash for what you desire. Believe me this will feel so good!

Experts tell us that many diseases in the body come from financial stress! Imagine if your money worries were laid to rest. You would get sick less because the stress and discomfort of money woes would not be around any longer. Decide now to trade your way out of debt.

In previous articles I discussed a specific wealth building strategy to earn over $ 5,000. The strategy earned $ 6,400 to be exact if you followed my recommendation to the letter. I said to invest in Gold on its way to 850.

I said to use profits to pick up a second contract at 834. The use of this multiplying technique is how fortunes are made very quickly. This provides for debt reduction as well. If you recall I said to exit Gold completely once it reached 849 because many people would be trying to exit once it reached 850. To date Gold has not yet reached 850 and taken out the all-time high. Gold went from 800 to 849.50 per ounce.

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