Have you heard about the banana diet? It's the easiest ever weight loss diet, and it really works. Millions of people throughout the world are using the banana diet successfully. Although the banana diet is very simple, there are a couple of dangers. Let's look at three tips for using this successfully and also at two dangers.

What Is the Banana Diet?

Here is the banana diet in a nutshell. Eat raw bananas for breakfast and drink room temperature water. That's the entire diet. Simple, isn't it?

Now let's look at THREE TIPS for using the banana diet successfully.

1. Eat Your Bananas for Breakfast

Although the banana diet is very simple, there is one unbreakable rule. You must eat raw bananas for breakfast, but nothing else for this meal – don't be tempted to eat something else for breakfast, and then eat bananas later in the day. The breakfast bananas kick start your metabolism, and give you energy.

2. Eat Only Raw Bananas for Breakfast

You can eat as many bananas as you wish. However, don't tinker with them. Eat your bananas, and drink room temperature water.

3. Drink Water With Your Bananas

Sip room temperature water as you eat your bananas. You should also drink water right throughout the day. There is no set number of glasses of water you need to drink with the banana diet, however it is good practice to drink at least a couple of glasses of water during the morning, during the afternoon, and in the evening too.

Now let's look at TWO dangers.

1. Forget "Dieting"

If you've been on many diets you may want to over-complicate the banana diet. This is a mistake. With the banana diet the only meal you need to pay attention to is breakfast. You can eat whatever you wish as snacks during the day or for your other meals. However you shouldn't eat after 8 PM and you should be in bed by midnight. Other than that you can eat whatever you like, and you don't need to exercise unless you want to.

2. Throw Away Your Scales

Many dieters are fixated on the scales. Paying too much attention to the scales is a real danger with the banana diet. Throw away your scales. You'll know that the diet is working, because your clothes will feel looser. You will also have much more energy. You don't need to know exactly how much you weigh. If you want to know how much you weigh, get weighed when you visit the doctor. That's the only time you need to pay attention to the scales.

Enjoy the banana diet, and enjoy your weight loss.

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