Feeling bored and fed up with your low carb diet plan because of the same ole same ole day after day?

Ready to chuck the whole thing because you can’t deal with your food cravings?

Don’t worry. Been there. Done that. Which is why I suspect you’ll find any of the 13 low carb diet tips that follow here to be helpful.

You see, it’s not unusual for food cravings to strike. Nor is it uncommon for the food you’re allowed to eat to become tasteless. You should expect stuff like this. Especially during the early induction phase of low carb diets.

Still to get the results you need to persevere So if you are hung up on the problems and getting discouraged here are some tips to help you get past them.

1) Spice Things Up

Be innovative and make tastier salads, juices and soups. The trick is to be creative like using more spices or herbs on your salads for instance.

2) Variety Counts

Check out all the low carb recipes online or in cookbooks. Try out all the easy or appealing sounding ones.

3) Stay on Target

Another of the tricks is to understand what foods are allowed and add as much variety to your daily meals as you can.

4) Home Made Anyone?

Make your own version of biscuits, cakes etc. It is best to replace cow’s milk with Soya’s unsweetened milk and wheat products with Soya flour, sugar with liquid sweeteners etc. Make sugar free jellies. In short remember where there is a will to lose there is a way.

5) Thirst or Craving?

Don’t confuse the two. If you have food cravings check out if you are thirsty. Drink water and wait before reaching for something to eat.

6) Avoid Food Pity

Food is related to emotion. If you are angry, depressed or feeling low solve the problem without food. Do not overeat and stuff yourself with fat and calories when you are in midst of a crisis, stressed and in the grip of some other powerful emotions. Get to the root cause of the emotional issue and do NOT use food to medicate yourself.

7) Watch Out for the Hidden Carbs

That’s right. Keep an eye open for the hidden carbs. Many diary products, coffee, tea, seasonings and condiments contain hidden carbohydrates. So read the labels religiously looking for hidden carbs. Check the ingredients listed.

Tip: If the carb level is less than 1 gram per serving the label will say 0 carbs.

8) Stopped up?

If you are suffering from constipation drink lots of water and eat a variety of low carb high fiber vegetables. You might also try to get regular exercise. Cut down on the salt. Drink a cup of hot water with lemon juice. You can also take psyllium husks. And don’t those sound tasty?

9) On the Other Hand

If you’re experiencing diarrhea it may correct itself in time. This may be due to your body trying to adjust to sudden onslaught of raw vegetables. You might try lightly steaming the vegetables. And do make sure you chew them properly.

10) When Eating Out

If you are going out for dinner eat something beforehand. You can also try taking some emergency snacks. You know things like spicy meat snacks, nuts etc.

11) Plan for a Snack Attack

Always keep low carb items in the fridge. This way if you reach late and have no time for shopping you can still rely on the stocked items for eating.

12) Feeling Cramped?

Minor skin rashes or leg cramps may appear out of no where during the early stages. In case of leg cramps drink plenty of water, use salt or take mineral supplements and calcium for relief.

13) Slow and Steady

Do remember that 5-10 pounds of weight loss is common during the first two weeks. After that the amount of weight lost slows down in the next weeks to 1-2 pounds only. In other words do not expect continuous fast weight loss.

14) Find Fitness

Do regular workouts to maintain your fitness level.

Finally remember

15) Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Adjusting to a low carb diet takes time. Plus again don’t expect celebrity crash diets like results when following a program like this.

So why not try these tips and see if they don’t help you over the hump! Happy low carb dieting!

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